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The Ways of Saint James were born as ways of faith in the medieval period and have marked the identity of the territories. The legends and history of the places give us echoes of the passing pilgrims devoted to Saint James. Churches, convents, hospitals and hostels were built around them to welcome and assist pilgrims.

In Portugal there are several identified itineraries which, due to the existing historical and heritage references, reveal their use over time, for pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. They are itineraries that cross the country, from south to north, both by the inland territory and by the coast. 

There are many testimonies of devotion and worship to Saint James, visible in the chapels dedicated to the Saint, in the paintings and sculptures of the churches, in the place names and in the festivals and pilgrimages.

The growing demand for these Ways has led to their valorisation through the improvement of information and signposting, support equipment and redoubled attention to the safety conditions of pilgrims.

The recently implemented process of certification of the itineraries of the Portuguese Way of St. James guarantees the recognition of its historical and heritage value, as well as the existence of conditions for a full and safe spiritual enjoyment.

Discover here the certified itineraries of the Portuguese Way of St. James. 

Some stages coincide with the Fátima Ways, which is another relevant reason to come back to visit us.

The commitment on the journey is motivated by moments of spiritual recollection in the Sanctuaries, of mutual support, by contemplating the natural landscape and the historical villages and towns. Allow yourself an involving and culturally rich human and spiritual experience.

Come and walk the certified routes of the Portuguese Way of St. James.

Have a good pilgrimage!

Portuguese Way of Saint James
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