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Compete Logo Portugal 2020 Logo União Europeia Logo is the website for the promotion of religious tourism in Portugal, developed by Turismo de Portugal, I.P., the national tourism authority.

Part of the Ministry of Economy, Turismo de Portugal, I.P., is responsible for the promotion, appreciation and sustainability of tourism, integrating into a single entity all the institutional powers relating to the boosting of tourism, from supply to demand. 

Turismo de Portugal, I.P.’s mission is to:
- qualify and develop tourism infrastructures;
- develop human resource training;
- support investment in the tourism sector;
- coordinate the internal and external promotion of Portugal as a tourist destination;
- regulate and supervise gambling.

For more information about the Institute and its activity, see the corporate portal

For tourist information, contact

Turismo de Portugal, I.P.
Rua Ivone Silva, Lote 6
1050-124 Lisbon
Tel.: +351 211 140 200

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